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Jessica Angel

Jessica Angel

ArtProject Decentralized

Arte Imparable en la Blockchain

julio 23, 2020 - 14:30

Una nueva corriente cultural está en crecimiento exponencial basada en la Blockchain, nunca se habíamos visto nada igual. Pertenece a otra dimensión tecnológica que permite a los artistas, brokers y coleccionistas acceder a una verdadera propiedad privada digital.

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Jessica Angel is a Colombian-born artist based in Brooklyn working at the junction between art, science, and technology. As a visiting artist at the Vancouver Biennale, Jessica spent three weeks in 2019 to meet with community members and finalize plans for an immersive installation underneath the south end of the Cambie Street Bridge. The work will be unveiled in the Spring 2021 to re-imagine how the physical and digital realms can intersect in the public space. In 2018, Jessica was commissioned to create a project inspired by the connection between blockchains. Since, she has ­attended numerous conferences speaking about art as a catalyst for the adoption of this technology.